I have been told that I have a natural artistic ability through the medium of painting. Artistic expression seems to be in my nature. Discovering this talent for painting a few years ago has truly been life changing.  Painting allows me to express myself in ways that are unique to its process. It is an immersion for me that brings forth a sense of peace and serenity.  I am passionate about it.  

Inventing something new is a powerful motivation for me. I love the art of creating images on canvas and hope that the observer becomes engaged and enjoys it as well. My inspiration comes from nature and from the use of a rich palette of colors. I love the beauty of a sunset, a waterfall or flowers in bloom.  Nature rolls freely and is invigorating.  Depth, lyrical movement, and rich texture are essential to draw in the viewer.

The challenge of bringing vibrancy of color to my work is a great satisfaction for me. I believe color delights and soothes the soul. Bringing in light defines a large part of my work; shining on a beach, peeking through the clouds, creating shadows. 
My goal is to create a sense of wonder and energy in my art.  It is always heartwarming to receive a comment that my paintings touch the observer in a meaningful way. I strive to bring life to my pictures.  I love to paint...

Painting enables me to convey my personal vision of the world. My hope is that my work touches the heart of the viewer. 

Oli Kambeitz 

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